9 dec. 2020
18 038 Weergaven

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  • Why was it 4 discards each

    Ben LockleyBen Lockley29 dagen geleden
  • Typical city and liverpool fans celebrate when a English team gets knocked out of champions league

    Mike JonesMike JonesMaand geleden
  • Haha I opened the 45 k packs and packed champions league road to the tournament de bruyne 92 haha

    Jack ThorntonJack ThorntonMaand geleden
  • Don’t wanna use tonali coz it’s a bit stink, proceeds to use 77 non rare...😂😂😂😂

    Connor SmithConnor SmithMaand geleden
  • Doesn’t want to use tonali cause he’s stinky but uses non rare kurzawa

    D.N.ED.N.EMaand geleden
  • Rigged discards. Bad videos TBH.

    GonaGonaMaand geleden
  • So jack had jota as a locked player but still used him

    Jose RivasJose RivasMaand geleden
  • Dude uses an icon and still builds a 3 league

    lim kxlim kxMaand geleden
  • Fut FG cheated

    Bradley WilliamsBradley WilliamsMaand geleden
  • Battle of Brammal Lane 2.0

    John BarnsdaleJohn BarnsdaleMaand geleden
  • Also why did fg discard or min list 5

    Chris RoweChris RoweMaand geleden
  • Honestly like both guys, fg is breathe of fresh air. But sick of this bs with making mistakes, jack’s failed so many this year, then hypes rules and fails multiple times, why bother adding red card rule when you discard 8 when at most should’ve been 1 for jack and 3 for fg. Absolute joke, it’s your job, do it properly for god sake, your a nice dude but this for me is best series if you stopped making errors and forgetting rules. Sbsd is stale and Andy is an arrogant narcissist. You claim to be a top squad builder but no one real agrees, same as Oakley playing like we think he’s smart, guys a dumbass. You gotta stop the errors and show some passion, also it’s blatantly obvious these selections were rigged 100%. You even said all in attack then went defence.

    Chris RoweChris RoweMaand geleden
  • This isn’t itani🤨

    squeeze upsqueeze upMaand geleden
  • on the web app you can just click the slider that says exclude active squad players and then your main team players wont go in to the sbc

    takudzwa mudzingwatakudzwa mudzingwaMaand geleden
  • Please stop using Fati, its like 15teen 7MS with Fati, its gettin boring

    PlayboiwilliamPlayboiwilliamMaand geleden
  • Make up new rules for yourself every time

    Reece McEllinReece McEllinMaand geleden
  • same circle of second players used constantly so boring

    Aiden football57Aiden football57Maand geleden
  • FUT FG put a left back as a locked player when Jack has a three back 🤦‍♂️

    Toby RowbothamToby RowbothamMaand geleden
    • He also said Tonali is a bit stinky but picked 77 none rare

      Kristian DabeskiKristian DabeskiMaand geleden
  • Jack making up rules again. It's supposed to be 2 discards each

    Sandile NgamlanaSandile NgamlanaMaand geleden
  • Bruv that free kick 😳.

    L MullerL MullerMaand geleden
  • Glad to hear about the player pick players you put in after the utd abuse. Hope it happens again!

    Adam MeilackAdam MeilackMaand geleden
  • Faraaz : I dont want to use tonali it is a bit stinky Also Faraaz: Uses Kurzawa

    Spacewalker gamingSpacewalker gamingMaand geleden
  • Jack casually making up rules again, red cards are a discard since when ffs

    Hugh BbbHugh BbbMaand geleden
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    Yvette RamosYvette RamosMaand geleden
  • That Aguero sucks ass i put mine into the joao felix potm sbc Felix > Aguero

    SumronSumronMaand geleden
  • Tecnically Fut FG is right with the position change somehow haha, he did ST to CF, thats actually one position and smart from him, for thinking like that but Jack has so many rules so who knows

    Born KinburanBorn KinburanMaand geleden
  • i understand the rule about not being allowed to move a player more than one position but i reckon it’d be fine if they’re on full chem before position changing

    Kole ChanKole ChanMaand geleden
  • Imagine FutFG in Faze Clan

    Born KinburanBorn KinburanMaand geleden
  • How the fuck is there 4 discards each

    Allen HillAllen HillMaand geleden
  • I'm so confused as to why there was 8 discards? Surely it should've only been 2 discards for Faraz. You should've started 2 goals up because Faraz didn't create an eligble team. Therefore, it's 4-4 after the game, with the two red cards for Faraz resulting in 2 extra discards.

    Louis CashLouis CashMaand geleden
    • @Chris Rowe Either way, he is one of the most consistent and enjoyable FIFA creators on NLworld, so I'll let his occassional slip ups go.

      Louis CashLouis CashMaand geleden
    • Also faraz did 5 the muppett love him

      Chris RoweChris RoweMaand geleden
    • He’s so bad, fails so many times enforcing rules or even meaning requirements

      Chris RoweChris RoweMaand geleden
    • @Sebastian Edgar True, that's half the fun. You never truly know how an episode is going to go ahahah!

      Louis CashLouis CashMaand geleden
    • @Louis Cash You are right. I don't think jack knows the rules half of the time though.

      Sebastian EdgarSebastian EdgarMaand geleden
  • that card doesn't get an upgrade even if they went through

    Trav TDSTrav TDSMaand geleden
  • Love the video with you both so fun to watch should it not be 1 discard each as you drew

    Stephen BristowStephen BristowMaand geleden
  • Grimaldi sir barf legend

    NedimNedimMaand geleden
  • Jack u should check him out “rodrigo Amaral” 73 rating CAM plz like this so jack can see my comments and us him in his videos

    edgar vazquesedgar vazquesMaand geleden
  • The fact he used a 77 rated non rare player annoyed me, called tonali stinky too.. ffs.

    ChrisEChrisEMaand geleden
  • Why was it 4 discards each? It was even going into the game and fraz won by two goals so that’s two for jack and then fraz had two sendings off so that’s two for him 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Lee RussellLee RussellMaand geleden
    • I don’t usually watch 7MS too often but I was forced to watch every series when Fernandes was the marquee player.

      Dave MyersDave MyersMaand geleden
    • yeah I was so confused. I spent about 10 minutes trying to find why it was 4 each in the vid.

      Sebastian EdgarSebastian EdgarMaand geleden
    • @Dave Myers it was very odd indeed. Should have been 2 discards for Fraz for winning by 2 goals then 2 for Jack as Fraz got 2 players sent off.

      David ClarkeDavid ClarkeMaand geleden
    • Assessing by the rules it should have been 2 each. Very odd indeed.

      Dave MyersDave MyersMaand geleden
  • I could do with some kindling anyway 😂😂😂😂😂 love it jack mate and love the content

    Stanley TodStanley TodMaand geleden
  • Anyone know what jack says about the City kit at 20:55

    Anees Ul HaqAnees Ul HaqMaand geleden
    • (Kindling)

      Kdon FajbucketKdon FajbucketMaand geleden
    • He says he needs some fire starter

      Kdon FajbucketKdon FajbucketMaand geleden
  • So scripted

    Nicholas KeatingNicholas KeatingMaand geleden
  • The guy calls Tonali stinky and takes a 77 nonrare? Impressive thought process mate

    Hugo FeijooHugo FeijooMaand geleden
    • Yeah he is an entertaining and funny dude, but def not the sharpest tool in the shed 🤣

      itsKarlDesignsitsKarlDesignsMaand geleden
  • In the squad screen the city badge on his tifo and his shirt lined up

    Harry LakerHarry LakerMaand geleden
  • 0:16 girlsfornight.online

    Виктор ПратниковаВиктор ПратниковаMaand geleden
  • in the beginning the badge in his shirt matches perfectly with the badge at the top of his squad

    AndyIsHotAndyIsHotMaand geleden
  • He only had 3 nations..the rule is 2 min for nations to count

    Robert VerwijsRobert VerwijsMaand geleden
    • @Robert Verwijs Let me explain. For a league to count you need at least two players from that league but for a nation to count you can just use one player excluding an icon. There is a rule vid on this channel if you still don't understand.

      Sebastian EdgarSebastian EdgarMaand geleden
    • @Robert Verwijs bruh watch any other video you’re one of the people always complaining I bet

      roscoboscoroscoboscoMaand geleden
    • Now the comment section inventing rules lol

      yahia fezaniyahia fezaniMaand geleden
    • @roscobosco no its every nation needs min 2 sry

      Robert VerwijsRobert VerwijsMaand geleden
    • @Robert Verwijs no I’ve been watching this series for awhile it’s only if there’s an icon you dumb shit

      roscoboscoroscoboscoMaand geleden
  • 0:26 dirk-girl.com

    Gtfw GewwwGtfw GewwwMaand geleden
  • Can u please not always use the same easy second players? Number of times u open packs and skip pass interesting players just to use Ansu fati etc is crazy. Really like the series so I hope u add a rule where ppl have to use like the first player they get that has a card that’s a board and above at least so ppl can’t just choose simple players all the time. Thanks

    Nikhil GodsayNikhil GodsayMaand geleden
  • Kyle walker mate ?

    Yahir EspinozaYahir EspinozaMaand geleden
  • jack has a 3 back formation and he puts grimaldo as a shotgun player. lol.

    Aaron SalazarAaron SalazarMaand geleden
  • 8 discards and nobody mental discarded...wow the luck 😂

    SophieSophieMaand geleden
    • Definitely not like they rigged...

      Ryan ERyan EMaand geleden
  • Grimaldo in the 352?

    James LinthwaiteJames LinthwaiteMaand geleden
  • I swear all you do now is tell each other where the big players are so then go for the shit ones

    Mathew KilleenMathew KilleenMaand geleden
  • Yet again shocking team he can’t be worried about discards surely with yet another trash team I’m done with this series change the name to stinky 7 minute squads

    Jono FinlayJono FinlayMaand geleden
    • @QLDR 8STR8 nothin can stink more than these squads come on he’s using players that’ wouldn’t even get in people’s starter team in September never mind 2 months in but if u like them kind of squads that’s up to u but I don’t so I won’t stick my opinion anywhere I will voice it as much as I want

      Jono FinlayJono FinlayMaand geleden
    • @Jono Finlay well your opinion stinks a whole lot more then the squads your whinging about, and as far as I'm concerned, and probably 95 percent of people are concerned, ya can jam your opinion where it fits, chief.

      QLDR 8STR8QLDR 8STR8Maand geleden
    • @QLDR 8STR8 same goes for u pal if u don’t like my comment jog on I’m putting my opinion across if u don’t like it that’s ur problem

      Jono FinlayJono FinlayMaand geleden
    • @Jono Finlay jog on ya muppet, if ya don't like the content, stfu and scroll on. What's the point chucking negative comments in, when ya can just do everyone a favour, unsubscribe and disappear...

      QLDR 8STR8QLDR 8STR8Maand geleden
    • @Snappyturtles 102 obviously got nothing better to do that’s why I’m sat on NLworld don’t u get bored of seeing the teams he builds the main player which is expensive then most of the rest are discard price

      Jono FinlayJono FinlayMaand geleden
  • Is it just me but Kurzawa looks so much like him.

    sue coopersue cooperMaand geleden
    • Just you

      Karam KayalKaram KayalMaand geleden
    • It does

      kyra mortkyra mortMaand geleden
  • City fan doing a man uinted card - u love to see it

    Autolock UnknownAutolock UnknownMaand geleden
  • 0:15 the man City badge kind of lines up. Great to the legend return

    mad about trainsmad about trainsMaand geleden
  • 13 seconds damn

    Mateo HelmMateo HelmMaand geleden
  • First ❤️

    JR GamingJR GamingMaand geleden
  • First

    Trevan CarringtonTrevan CarringtonMaand geleden
  • First

    CalWilCalWilMaand geleden
    • @Trevan Carrington no he was 1 second faster

      Mateo HelmMateo HelmMaand geleden
    • I was first

      Trevan CarringtonTrevan CarringtonMaand geleden
    • ur first by literally 1 second congrats

      Mateo HelmMateo HelmMaand geleden