5 jan. 2021
18 339 Weergaven

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  • Really sorry for the poor performance. Had a real crap few days and my heads been all over the place. Will try and get through it as quick as possible and promise to bring some banging hybrids soon. Hope you all have a great day regardless!

    Jack54HDJack54HD15 dagen geleden
    • Its ok mate. Just keep ur head up. Everyone makes mistakes some time or the other. We all have bad days. We are all here for you and you take as much time as you need. Your content kept me going thought the lockdowns and was one of the bright things for me in this pandemic. Hope u get better mate. Have a good one

      boiz yeahboiz yeah14 dagen geleden
    • You’re trying your best, no harm, no foul. But just saying, your previous setup with augusto and Miranda in at cb. All you needed was a rb to cb strong link, a lb to cb strong link and an icon goalie and you’d have built a 4 :)

      Nevin Anthony ChristopherNevin Anthony Christopher15 dagen geleden
    • You know you can take a little break, right?😉

      Yisrael ישראל brookeYisrael ישראל brooke15 dagen geleden
    • Hope it gets better pal x

      Joe MarvinJoe Marvin15 dagen geleden
    • Keep your head up. Your banging content is keeping me going during lockdown

      Kai SlaterKai Slater15 dagen geleden
  • We need a 7 minute prank

    Jordan LambertsJordan Lamberts7 dagen geleden
  • Is it true Jack has quit Fifa?

    Trav TDSTrav TDS10 dagen geleden
  • I recently bought coins on u7buy and I’m stuck as to how to complete the process of getting the coins to my account

    Alex MartínezAlex Martínez12 dagen geleden
  • I get its tough but once again seems like the rules are being changed as they go lol I feel if it was the other way round jack would have started 3 goals up or something ridiculous

    C WATTSONC WATTSON13 dagen geleden
  • 5 from CSL and you made chuff remove coz one was off chem, you should quit youtube as your clearly shit at it

    My Red Big EndMy Red Big End14 dagen geleden
  • Whatever time was this recorded?? Look at Chuffs bed hair and Jacks eyes 😂😂😂

    Bradley WortleyBradley Wortley14 dagen geleden
  • Jack you was the one who said players that is not full chem has to get removed. We are just telling you

    Born KinburanBorn Kinburan15 dagen geleden
  • Chuff i got the same sweather, have you stolen mine because i can’t find it

    Born KinburanBorn Kinburan15 dagen geleden
  • You look knackered mate. Hope you’re doing ok. Take a break if needed

    Ben KirkwoodBen Kirkwood15 dagen geleden
  • ps I'd had like 3hours sleep🤣 hence why I look like mess

    ChuffstersChuffsters15 dagen geleden
  • Thanks again for having me on mate, love being on this series

    ChuffstersChuffsters15 dagen geleden
    • You could have gone for tolliso in cm for a perfect link which would have got full chem

      Matthew KingMatthew King14 dagen geleden
  • It should be a harder punishment as u said

    XD SJEFENXD SJEFEN15 dagen geleden
  • I feel like he says its his worst one every time💕. Like choose one already💕

    XD SJEFENXD SJEFEN15 dagen geleden
  • @Chuffsters Tolisso would of worked!! Was screaming it 😂

    Matt PipeMatt Pipe15 dagen geleden
  • Dont worry about ”messing up” man. we all humans and people gotta remember its just a game as well. Hope you feel better soon. Remember to care of yourself before anyone else. Much love!

    Liam LesterLiam Lester15 dagen geleden
  • Chuff could have done it with kimmich and rudiger

    BorisBoris15 dagen geleden
  • Hazard LW, Hulk RW, Pires LCM, Schulz LWB, Hummels LCB, Wan-Bissaka CCB, Smalling RCB, Peres RWB and Dean Henderson GK will be perfect for Jack

    N!perN!per15 dagen geleden
  • Its good dat u understand how shit it was atleast.

    XD SJEFENXD SJEFEN15 dagen geleden
  • love the content jack keep it up buddy ❤️

    john johnjohn john15 dagen geleden
  • was i the only one screaming tolliso?

    Henry WidenbrantHenry Widenbrant15 dagen geleden
  • Jack mate, take it easy on yourself! Take some time off if you need it, your mental health and sanity is more important than anything!

    Louis CashLouis Cash15 dagen geleden
  • What’s the celebration the guy did on the 5th goal from the corner?

    0G0G15 dagen geleden
  • Feel like chuff should be a goal up since he at least had 3 leagues without bundes since Coman was off, and Jack didnt even finish his squad... But thats just me

    UltimatezenyUltimatezeny15 dagen geleden
    • @Ultimatezeny I think he should have an extra bronze

      Alfie JohnsoAlfie Johnso15 dagen geleden
    • @Alfie Johnso yeah maybe ig, still feels like Jack got off easy since Chuffs had 1 player off chem and jack had 3 off chem only for that. But idk, those are the rules, made out to be really entertaining anyways

      UltimatezenyUltimatezeny15 dagen geleden
    • Only had 2 CSL so doesn’t count

      Alfie JohnsoAlfie Johnso15 dagen geleden
  • if chuff would have used tolisso at lcm or davies at lb he could have done it easily

    Hertzka77Hertzka7715 dagen geleden
  • I got Verratti in mine 🙃

    HBKmoyHBKmoy15 dagen geleden
  • Rip the old title

    CallumCallum15 dagen geleden
  • If chuff just used toliso at lcm he would of had full Chem

    Callum CharltonCallum Charlton15 dagen geleden
    • Or Ben Mendy at lb

      Daniel StocksDaniel Stocks15 dagen geleden
    • Or Alphonso Davies at left back

      Andrew DAndrew D15 dagen geleden
  • What's happened to Chuff? He looks like he's been in a fight.

    SeanSean15 dagen geleden
    • @Chuffsters lol I wasn’t serious just to let u know love ur vids and that but last time I saw u ur hair wasn’t that bad 😂😂

      My Name Is LiamMy Name Is Liam15 dagen geleden
    • split my lip after a fight with a pillow :)

      ChuffstersChuffsters15 dagen geleden
    • @My Name Is Liam what hair?!

      ChuffstersChuffsters15 dagen geleden
    • IKR his hairs so shit

      My Name Is LiamMy Name Is Liam15 dagen geleden
  • 86+ marqueeeee

    Mazen MakhloufMazen Makhlouf15 dagen geleden
  • Hi

    BreathMintBoy55BreathMintBoy5515 dagen geleden
  • Let’s go bro

    EesaSZNEesaSZN15 dagen geleden
  • Real ones know the old title

    Ethan ColeEthan Cole15 dagen geleden
    • 86+marqueeeeeeeeee

      ahmed Kmihaahmed Kmiha15 dagen geleden
    • Too many eeeees

      Harry PearceHarry Pearce15 dagen geleden
    • 86+ Marqueeeeee 😂🤦‍♂️

      Gaming ‘n’ familyGaming ‘n’ family15 dagen geleden
  • 86+ marqueeee

    Jack MarwickJack Marwick15 dagen geleden
    • Yup

      BreathMintBoy55BreathMintBoy5515 dagen geleden
  • Who was here when the title was 86+ MARQUEEE

    Mitchell Van RhenenMitchell Van Rhenen15 dagen geleden
    • Yup

      BreathMintBoy55BreathMintBoy5515 dagen geleden
    • Me

      Tanya BaldwinTanya Baldwin15 dagen geleden
  • Yer

    Mario QuirozMario Quiroz15 dagen geleden
  • yooo

    Zachh06Zachh0615 dagen geleden
  • First

    Stanley TodStanley Tod15 dagen geleden
    • @BreathMintBoy55 you said it as well AHAHAHAHAHAHAH

      Stanley TodStanley Tod15 dagen geleden
    • Did I ask

      BreathMintBoy55BreathMintBoy5515 dagen geleden
    • Your 3rd mate

      Harry ThomasHarry Thomas15 dagen geleden