21 dec. 2020
14 156 Weergaven

We build two amazing teams around this incredible card!
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  • All Kirbz had to do was use Cuadrado at RB no?

    CAZZAPARRCAZZAPARR28 dagen geleden
  • Kerbz sounds like the bundesliga commentator when he scores lol

    Liverpool reviewLiverpool review29 dagen geleden
  • 16:03. so closeee Kirbz, just needed any other Juve mid

    Miernik GamingMiernik Gaming29 dagen geleden
  • if he stayed at arsenal he would be a silver card considering how shit arsenal is

    SumronSumron29 dagen geleden
  • 2:40 😭😭

    Henry TanHenry Tan29 dagen geleden
  • I love your vids and that jack but u get smashed in the games but cuz of the 100 gay rules it is a draw or you win or have way less discards

    Zizou ZizouZizou ZizouMaand geleden
    • @Pierry Henry not an insult tho not saying it to someone

      Zizou ZizouZizou Zizou29 dagen geleden
    • Don't use gay as a term of insult that way pal. You'll piss people off

      Pierry HenryPierry Henry29 dagen geleden
  • 24:55 dude doesn’t even know when his ‘team’ kicks off andy was right

    yung gravity123yung gravity123Maand geleden
  • goals up rule is so stupid

    Born KinburanBorn KinburanMaand geleden
  • why all you on at Jack he creates great content

    grant Paynegrant PayneMaand geleden
  • I hate the whole goals up nonsense it ruins the point of the actual game

    Jack MiglianoJack MiglianoMaand geleden
  • How did he only guess 4 players 😭😂

    ShezuShezuMaand geleden
    • Watch the video

      Arup SAHAArup SAHA29 dagen geleden
  • Dodgey pen in the game 🤣

    Deane MitchellDeane MitchellMaand geleden
  • What are these shit rules getting a bronze is enough punishment for the nations u just remove all the leagues he got

    Shaheer gillaniiShaheer gillaniiMaand geleden
  • You should add in your hat - choose your own formation or opponent pick formation. Thanks

    Purple PersonaPurple PersonaMaand geleden
    • 13:42 of I was kirbz I would have used robben then gone Dumfries then either promes or gravenberch into de ligt and buffonor szsnjjfny

      fox 72fox 72Maand geleden
  • Merry Christmas. Jack is a legend btw

    mad about trainsmad about trainsMaand geleden
  • jack be cheating again, they should have started 0-0 because kirb finished first but didn't have 5 nations and they both have 5 leauges

    Koen HoltenKoen HoltenMaand geleden
    • @Jack54HD should just remove the goals up rule for more bronze players it ruins the game

      yung gravity123yung gravity123Maand geleden
    • @Jack54HD Kirb still finished first mate, aka cheattiinnggg

      Koen HoltenKoen HoltenMaand geleden
    • @Jack54HD I mean you did literally make this rule up this year so you can win games and stop discarding as much ... kinda smart, mostly snakey.

      Alfie BrownAlfie BrownMaand geleden
    • @Jack54HD you are right and he is wrong

      mad about trainsmad about trainsMaand geleden
    • Yeah cheating. His squad isn’t eligible if he doesn’t have 5 nations. Therefore I start 3 goals up. Anything else?

      Jack54HDJack54HDMaand geleden
  • i hate this korbs guy so much

    vrejouhi vartanianvrejouhi vartanianMaand geleden
    • Haha poor korbs whats he ever done to you

      LukeyTheLionLukeyTheLion29 dagen geleden
    • @Zizou Zizou exactly

      Anthony AbsiAnthony Absi29 dagen geleden
    • Learn to spell his name first.

      Zizou ZizouZizou ZizouMaand geleden
    • I never asked 😀

      Anthony AbsiAnthony AbsiMaand geleden
  • believe bernardo silva’s freeze card has an upgraded 4* weak foot

    CarlxngCarlxngMaand geleden
  • Your mum

    djsmithdjsmithMaand geleden
    • @djsmith lol

      Anthony AbsiAnthony AbsiMaand geleden
    • @Anthony Absi love the guy just had to get an early comment in😃

      djsmithdjsmithMaand geleden
    • Why being so harsh

      Anthony AbsiAnthony AbsiMaand geleden
  • First

    Hussein ElkhashabHussein ElkhashabMaand geleden