Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown Advent Calendar!! 86 FREEZE STRIKER GAYA!! - FIFA 21 ULTIMATE TEAM

18 dec. 2020
114 760 Weergaven

We go head to head in todays SBSD episode. Can I get revenge for Andy's video!?
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SUB!! - @AJ3
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  • Gaymas

    mortezzmortezzMaand geleden
  • I swear Jack is transforming into Tom over time

    The GoatThe GoatMaand geleden
  • 5 days late and too many characters but: GAYA The hell out of here

    Thomas JacksonThomas JacksonMaand geleden
  • Could’ve done “what a Gaya”

    ItsTreebsItsTreebsMaand geleden
  • Did you record this gameplay with your toaster?? It has like 12fps

    PROuD__PROuD__Maand geleden
  • If I wanted a defender at striker I'd pick firmino...

    Alex MendolaAlex MendolaMaand geleden
  • gayarn that turkey 😂

    godly gamezgodly gamezMaand geleden
  • Best name for squad would be ”DeFenSiVE sTRikEr”

    Elvin OlinElvin OlinMaand geleden
  • Gays good, in my rtg div one got 40 goals in 24 games at ls

    Chris RoweChris RoweMaand geleden
  • Andy chats so much shit, can’t believe it’s only 1-0.... 3 shots on target

    Chris RoweChris RoweMaand geleden
  • Go stinky at this point? As pas vdb 83s odegaard...always stinky

    Chris RoweChris RoweMaand geleden
  • League Walker? Andy makes me depressed to the balding unfunny anus

    Chris RoweChris RoweMaand geleden
  • I just feel sorry for jack at this point

    Richard Gaming07Richard Gaming07Maand geleden
  • Van De Beek is sick on Fifa no 🧢

    Finn StimpsonFinn StimpsonMaand geleden
  • How come Andy always guesses people's RCB and keeper?

  • The murder in Jack’s eyes made my day

    hjorturfreyrhjorturfreyrMaand geleden
  • JackSalty4HD

    AlexNorthAlexNorthMaand geleden
  • stop building fucking wank and obvious teams man a blind man on a plane could guess what you'e doing

    CB 454CB 454Maand geleden
  • Jack's defence was far too obvious. I thought sanchez and lloris before Andy even put his board up 😆

    Alex BeasleyAlex BeasleyMaand geleden
  • £1 Raffle For 2 Copies Of Fifa 21 1 Xbox 1 PlayStation

    F72 LTDF72 LTDMaand geleden
  • Someone needs to slap Andy in a game one day lol, such a cocky little prick nowadays

    Joel SmalleyJoel SmalleyMaand geleden
  • Is jack skint. The amount of adverts on this video

    HeskkiHeskkiMaand geleden
  • Jose Gaya = Snowse Gaya

    thomas Grahamthomas GrahamMaand geleden
  • The blushing plain recently amuse because beech peroperatively disappear over a vengeful ash. well-made, psychotic hydrogen

    schultz wolvertonkaschultz wolvertonkaMaand geleden
    • What?! 😂

      ReeceReeceMaand geleden
  • Jack just keeps crying instead of enjoying for one bit ... Atleast have some fun

    KanishK KaKuKanishK KaKuMaand geleden
  • Santa Claus is the Gaya who comes down our chimney with presents

    Andrew BoyceAndrew BoyceMaand geleden
  • I really hate coin sellers they ruin the game

    Andrew BoyceAndrew BoyceMaand geleden
  • 15:40 what is the song ?

    Abba BAbba BMaand geleden
  • Jack hasn’t scored against Andy in both videos😂 But fair play for taking it like a man.

    Dave MyersDave MyersMaand geleden
  • He has a lot of ads holy

    The GoatThe GoatMaand geleden
  • Hey I think there's a video in your ads

    Gavin PowerGavin PowerMaand geleden
  • This video is so dead😂 mans hella salty

    BobiBobiMaand geleden
  • Feliz Galala best squad name lol

    Pudgeball 23Pudgeball 23Maand geleden
  • And,y you should have played a formation with wingers and picked Beckham :D

    Alex KrstulovicAlex KrstulovicMaand geleden
  • Magaya Carey

    Chrle PdnChrle PdnMaand geleden
  • How many adverts can you put in one video? Jesus Christ

    SparxTheDragonflySparxTheDragonflyMaand geleden
  • anyone else knew that andy was going to go Icon CM and then get strong links from that icon.. or just me?

    Connor RConnor RMaand geleden
  • Andy should of given him Mina and Bernard to absolutely ruin him 😂

    milique alimilique aliMaand geleden
  • Dont understand how anybody watches jack. This man has no personality

    tyler lemanskityler lemanskiMaand geleden
  • Right. Fin jack if u were so pissed dnt make the video . Shite stuff mate . U looked pissed all along .

    Gulinder OberoiGulinder OberoiMaand geleden
  • I've got Gaya and I think he's pretty sick with a hunter on

    John DavisJohn DavisMaand geleden
  • Jack you've been terrible this year 😂 your like oak from last year hopefully fifa 22 you'll pick up 😂

    ForfeitFForfeitFMaand geleden
  • 😂😂😂

    TheChrisdonoghueTheChrisdonoghueMaand geleden
  • Actually hate it when andy wins

    james cjames cMaand geleden
  • Why is there beef with jack ?

    Dave The rapperDave The rapperMaand geleden
  • lol if you dont wanna discard maybe dont suck. stop trying to get fancy with your squad. it is till the point you are an open book, ppl read you easily when you picking your players

    Kelvin GohKelvin GohMaand geleden
  • Jack's so done in this vid hahaha

    Luke567Luke567Maand geleden
  • I love sbsd but I genuinely think trump cards shouldn't be used if gk is guessed, it just ruins the game. Yh I get opponent has to be punished if the player gets guessed but surely a bronze gk is punishment enough. Rather than going into a game and just hitting shots from 40 yards. It's not enjoyable to watch at all. That's just my opinion

    Will83BWill83BMaand geleden
  • I always cheer for Andy in these but jeez I felt bad for jack on this one

    Jordan CormackJordan CormackMaand geleden
  • Gayas Grotto

    HxrrisHxrrisMaand geleden
  • Jack54 is the most indifferent NLworldr I’ve ever watched. Really enjoying @itsjames atm, willing to spend coins and make content the people want at his expense. 54 really thinks he’s top tier, worrying but at the same time admire his grind to get where he has got to

    b gongb gongMaand geleden
  • U guys were complaining about his finishing but didn’t put a chemistry style on him

    Daniel GrayDaniel GrayMaand geleden
  • I tried to catch some fog the other day Mist

    Dylan HolmesDylan HolmesMaand geleden
  • Fairly sure if jack was in the same room as andy he would be spending christmas behind bars haha

    jacksieiijacksieiiMaand geleden
  • Jesus about to have a heart attack with all this salt

    Sebastian TickleberrySebastian TickleberryMaand geleden
  • Welcome back to stinky squads with AJ3

    Will HeronWill HeronMaand geleden
  • Both andy and tom knows jack to well and know what he will pick

    Daniel StefanovicDaniel StefanovicMaand geleden
  • .

    Vetle KjerstisonVetle KjerstisonMaand geleden
  • Andy has turned from trolling to just a nasty dude over the years. Nothing funny about the way he's been acting towards his collabs.

    marktimmermans1marktimmermans1Maand geleden
    • Salty ?

      Swapnava DeYSwapnava DeYMaand geleden
  • Never see jack this mad 😂

    Kade WalkerKade WalkerMaand geleden
  • ho ho jose

    Alfie NobleAlfie NobleMaand geleden
  • Ho! Ho! José!

    JBM ANJBM ANMaand geleden
  • Chestnuts roasting on an open Gaya

    Liam CochranLiam CochranMaand geleden
  • can they build anything that doesnt include the epl ? no ? thanks

    SumronSumronMaand geleden
  • Squad name - who is this Gaya?

    Sam DSam DMaand geleden
  • 7:43 eh

    CrabbyFc and GO GX CLANCrabbyFc and GO GX CLANMaand geleden
  • 10:45 wow

    CrabbyFc and GO GX CLANCrabbyFc and GO GX CLANMaand geleden
  • Jack why did you seem so depressed when he guessed your gk and cb?😂 Great vid btw keep it up

    Amal El FouaniAmal El FouaniMaand geleden
  • Toooo much fume from Jack in this video 😂😂😂😂

    Joe MacdonaldJoe MacdonaldMaand geleden
  • if andy was a genius then he would have read jack's thoughts knowing that he would think that he would be smart then changing his guess to cuadrado so clearly he was not a genius only above average

    PiaNosePiaNoseMaand geleden
  • Sort you breathing out Andy man

    Sam BirminghamSam BirminghamMaand geleden
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    The TruthThe TruthMaand geleden
  • Jack's had the time of his life this advent calendar, wouldn't be surprised if we see him back in fifa 22 on the series 🤣

    David TeasdaleDavid TeasdaleMaand geleden
  • Its so sick when Jack does SBS! One day I would want to try it out!

    SergtinoSergtinoMaand geleden
  • That Santa Gaya squad name

    Hector DominguezHector DominguezMaand geleden
  • Christmas cracker joke: what is the name of the rudest raindeer? RUDEolf

    Vito DoktoreVito DoktoreMaand geleden
    • Ha ha so funny

      Jake SmithJake SmithMaand geleden
  • Andy seriously needs to remove the rule to give a trump goalkeeper, it just makes the game so boring and pointless as everything goes in

    Master OogwayMaster OogwayMaand geleden
    • Nah it really doesn’t hahahahah

      Mr11ryanMr11ryanMaand geleden
  • Poor jack

    Ben HolzBen HolzMaand geleden
  • NDL

    ReshirexReshirexMaand geleden
  • Andy pointing to players name on his board when he guesses with that annoying grin yh Andy we can read the board you dont have to be so smug mate

    Stefan NorthyStefan NorthyMaand geleden
  • Not long ago I considered Jack one of the best squad builders of the youtube fifa community, but lately he's just off. "Oh i have a right back from colombia, lets just put the best colombian CB from the game and the best strong link goalie to him in" I don't know why he always picks the obvious options this Fifa.

    Ralph BlumRalph BlumMaand geleden
  • Andy is so toxic 😂

    WCX HDWCX HDMaand geleden
  • Am I the only one who still doesn’t get the joke about the “I’ve had enough” video

    Trey DillTrey DillMaand geleden
    • @Trey Dill any time mate!

      Muhannad MabahMuhannad MabahMaand geleden
    • @Muhannad Mabah thanks brother

      Trey DillTrey DillMaand geleden
    • That is that rant

      Muhannad MabahMuhannad MabahMaand geleden

      Muhannad MabahMuhannad MabahMaand geleden
  • Jack adding all those ads to pay for his losses 😂

    McDoeMcDoeMaand geleden
  • The discards shouldn’t have been the bronzes should’ve been the corresponding players

    Scott MurdochScott MurdochMaand geleden
    • It’s not team takedown

      Jake SmithJake SmithMaand geleden
  • You’ve gotta feel bad for jack u can tell he didn’t wanna be there

    Sam BrelsfordSam BrelsfordMaand geleden
    • how can you feel bad? no one is forcing him to make this youtube video. i feel bad for andy for taking his time making video with this guy not caring one bit about entertaining

      Anton MossbergAnton MossbergMaand geleden
  • Supid54HD

    Fitim LutfiuFitim LutfiuMaand geleden
  • When nothing goes their way: Andy: moaning Jack: depressed Tom: saltmine James: screeching

    Robin den BoerRobin den BoerMaand geleden
    • Harry Not Hashtag: no way send me a pic rn

      Steel UnicornSteel UnicornMaand geleden
    • Zwe: confused

      Jack presentsJack presentsMaand geleden
    • Pie: rage

      james cjames cMaand geleden
    • Itani: your lying

      Jack presentsJack presentsMaand geleden
    • Saltmine 😂

      Muhannad MabahMuhannad MabahMaand geleden
  • The saltiness in his voice says it all. I was rolling over laughing yesterday while watching the video. It was at night and my parents came into my room and where like what the hell??? It is 12 am

    Romit DuttaRomit DuttaMaand geleden
  • Jack is just done with it all

    Daniel CrawleyDaniel CrawleyMaand geleden
  • Make the yuletide Gaya

    King Danioli IIKing Danioli IIMaand geleden
  • Ok Andy has officially become to cocky we need someone to come onto Squad Builder Showdown, smash him and make him discard something big - he better have Nep, Matt or Bateson come on.

    Alfie BrownAlfie BrownMaand geleden
    • Nep is a wanker hahahah

      Mr11ryanMr11ryanMaand geleden
    • Matt or nep wouldn’t smash him

      Jake SmithJake SmithMaand geleden
    • He had the Pro player harry on it already tho

      ivailo koevivailo koevMaand geleden
  • Jack woke up in spain today without the "s"

    DeloreanDeloreanMaand geleden
  • I feel like jack will never be back on sbsd after this lmao

    The DocThe DocMaand geleden
  • jack on suicide watch

    Haig ArtounianHaig ArtounianMaand geleden
  • Ofc jack does sbsd on a 60k card

    Jonny MulkernJonny MulkernMaand geleden
  • 13:55

    Ross MeighanRoss MeighanMaand geleden
  • When Jack got dirty doubled his face was the definition of dead behind the eyes 😂😂

    Luke MillingtonLuke MillingtonMaand geleden
  • I legitimately feel bad for Jack here. I’m laughing, but I feel bad

    Shane BrooksShane BrooksMaand geleden
    • He is Fifa youtuber and he's trash at the game...

      the SNESthe SNESMaand geleden
    • @Luke567 not as dead as his channel

      Karim BeldiKarim BeldiMaand geleden
    • Same, He looked so dead inside

      Luke567Luke567Maand geleden
  • Jack builds the most obvious teams cause they are always hybrids.

    LS15LS15Maand geleden