12 jan. 2021
13 439 Weergaven

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  • I can´t buy on u7buy =(

    El JorgeEl Jorge10 dagen geleden
  • Oakley: Who was it Jack: Jack Queen

    SaqeezySaqeezy10 dagen geleden
  • I dont undertstand why you guys waste lifeline to Beate 86+ stats. IMO its too high to Beate

    PatriotenPatrioten12 dagen geleden
  • Fifa 21 : The game so bad watching two people play top trumps with packs is more exciting

    mephisto40mephisto4013 dagen geleden
  • Jack, I hope you saw the Garrincha TTD 😂

    Jontu RJontu R13 dagen geleden
  • Was 8 4 to Oakley and Jack won bandit surely it should of been 7 6 then but Oakley said it was 8 5?

    Ryan BarrowRyan Barrow13 dagen geleden
  • Would it be possible to put the scores on the splitter on the next video for rock, paper stat?

    calhan lanecalhan lane13 dagen geleden
  • The moment when jack goes 81 shot last point when 86 physical donk is there 😟

    Greg ScottGreg Scott14 dagen geleden
  • Can you put the score and abilities on the screen next time?

    NoahNoah14 dagen geleden
    • Would be nice wouldn’t it

      YT ThompsssYT Thompsss8 dagen geleden
    • Init its so lazy not doing it

      badgalbenjibadgalbenji12 dagen geleden
  • Honestly I try my hardest to like oakley I just think he’s such a snakey person to play against

    Mr BurbzMr Burbz14 dagen geleden
  • Oakley trying to get the stone island badge in all video

    parsonsparsons14 dagen geleden
  • What on earth is oakleys hair doing today? Why is it so tall compared to usual 🤣

    parsonsparsons14 dagen geleden
  • The moment Jack knew pedro leon had 87 passing was so funny 😂😂

    BeatsBySparrowBeatsBySparrow14 dagen geleden
  • 0 dislikes

    Josey FishyJosey Fishy14 dagen geleden

    ShakShak14 dagen geleden
  • 0:20

    bvsb vuyhgbvsb vuyhg14 dagen geleden
  • Early squad but I don't have notifications on......

    VPkelzVPkelz14 dagen geleden
  • Is u7 buy actually real

    Gaming ‘n’ familyGaming ‘n’ family14 dagen geleden
  • 12:17

    sebseb14 dagen geleden
  • Yes jack I love rock,paper,stat hopefully we can see it alot here in your channel

    Kevin ReyeZKevin ReyeZ14 dagen geleden
  • Love your vids bro❤️❤️

    Shelford 09Shelford 0914 dagen geleden
  • Hello from Sweden

    Liam LundströmLiam Lundström14 dagen geleden
    • Norways better

      Rasmus HatlandRasmus Hatland14 dagen geleden
  • Hi

    BreathMintBoy55BreathMintBoy5514 dagen geleden
  • Best duo

    Imran CharterdImran Charterd14 dagen geleden
    • You’re crazy

      1320 Posts1320 Posts14 dagen geleden
  • Noti gang

    sixcharlie 28sixcharlie 2814 dagen geleden
  • Noti gang

    Callum RoseCallum Rose14 dagen geleden