28 dec. 2020
19 101 Weergaven

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  • I have had 3 walkouts till now in fifa 21. the first one was eto'o, the next was flipping verrati, and the last was kante

    boiz yeahboiz yeah22 dagen geleden
  • Bebou is a dub

    SnipeXladSnipeXlad22 dagen geleden
  • ‘There’s no Brazilian cf’ are you stupid 😂

    MattyGMattyG22 dagen geleden
  • Need to do a pack and Pele vs itsjames now

    Harry WhiteHarry White22 dagen geleden
  • He is a beast Jack, I got him in my first base icon, played around 150 games with him scored so many for me

    Jordan SmithJordan Smith22 dagen geleden
  • Bebou is class jack why you giving out i got David otw that’s so good

    Pogba Fernandes SantosPogba Fernandes Santos22 dagen geleden
  • Let's do a 15 minute roulette, but the player is already in the title...

    Renaat CorthoutsRenaat Corthouts22 dagen geleden
  • Bebou is 170k mate

    FM CompsFM Comps22 dagen geleden
  • When’s the next 7 minute squad????

    Zac HerbertZac Herbert22 dagen geleden
  • James: Finally, a worthy opponent *Our battle will be legendary*

    Muhannad MabahMuhannad Mabah22 dagen geleden
    • You know you’ve flopped when you have no likes in 5 hrs

      AJ_YTAJ_YT22 dagen geleden
  • 9999th view

    Muhannad MabahMuhannad Mabah22 dagen geleden
  • Cant wait for jack to use pele in every 7ms from now on

    Phenomenal 1Phenomenal 123 dagen geleden
  • congrats jack 🇧🇷🔥

    DT GamingDT Gaming23 dagen geleden
  • When he thought he was got eusebio 😂😂😭😭

    Stanley TodStanley Tod23 dagen geleden
    • When he thought he got eusebio

      itz RAitz RA23 dagen geleden
  • 28:30

    Pn StbPn Stb23 dagen geleden
  • “I’ll leave it for you to find out” *Puts player in the title* 🤣🤣

    hazzabazzatunichazzabazzatunic23 dagen geleden
  • Bebou is 160k, only because he isn't a walkout it's still a live card

    Kramarić GOATKramarić GOAT23 dagen geleden
  • Gonna call you Its54HD now you've packed Pele! If yoi know you know!

    SASHTvSASHTv23 dagen geleden
  • How is Bebou bad? I got fckin freeze sane

    Sam MaleySam Maley23 dagen geleden
  • Jackpackedyfourhd

    Anderson QuelizAnderson Queliz23 dagen geleden
  • Bro bebou is sick

    Harrison BakerHarrison Baker23 dagen geleden
    • @E U A N i dint but it shows top comment

      that-guy-calumthat-guy-calum22 dagen geleden
    • @that-guy-calum Don’t look in the comments if you don’t want spoilers

      E U A NE U A N22 dagen geleden
    • @that-guy-calum k

      Harrison BakerHarrison Baker22 dagen geleden
    • Thanks for spoiling it

      that-guy-calumthat-guy-calum22 dagen geleden
  • no way thats nuts!!!!!

    Toby AllenToby Allen23 dagen geleden
  • Those of you in the stream know who it was 😉.....erm yeah so does everyone else that has seen this title 😂

    ShezuShezu23 dagen geleden
  • Well in mate ive done 5 of these first was Pele 2nd R9 3rd Crespo 4th Butra 5th Guardi

    LukeyTheLionLukeyTheLion23 dagen geleden
    • @LitmanenAFCA cos there's loads to gain from lying

      LukeyTheLionLukeyTheLion22 dagen geleden
    • Stop lying

      LitmanenAFCALitmanenAFCA23 dagen geleden
  • You deserve it mate

    Jan SpiteriJan Spiteri23 dagen geleden
  • I packed r9 in a baby icon absolutely buzzing

    angela mitchellangela mitchell23 dagen geleden
    • Did we ask stfu

      Muhammad HanzalaMuhammad Hanzala19 dagen geleden
  • my man looked it up and said that there are no CF’s from brazil still

    NiccoNicco23 dagen geleden
  • Finally after all the trash icons u got already

    Sam AlmeidaSam Almeida23 dagen geleden
  • I found @jack54HD Deleted video!

    TipeTwoTipeTwo23 dagen geleden
  • Lets goooo 💪🏼

    Ben CanhamBen Canham23 dagen geleden
  • 😂😂😂😂😂

    Blaze ArchBlaze Arch23 dagen geleden
  • First

    Olga Bakatsi-CookeOlga Bakatsi-Cooke23 dagen geleden
  • Hi jack

    Matthe DarnellMatthe Darnell23 dagen geleden
  • Still can't believe it! haha

    Jack54HDJack54HD23 dagen geleden
    • It went mental, in the stream

      II SS IIII SS II23 dagen geleden
    • Great pull! And I’m buzzing for you and fair play for your recent content! But why in your intro say your gunna leave the reveal of who it was until later in the video only to spoil it in the thumbnail

      Jonno YJonno Y23 dagen geleden
    • I’m in shock mate

      Troy NashTroy Nash23 dagen geleden
  • Jack when you do a roulette its better when you dont show us also

    To TallTo Tall23 dagen geleden
    • just look away

      Sam BarnesSam Barnes21 dag geleden
  • Hey Jack! Love the vids, keep up the good work

    memeulicious lifememeulicious life23 dagen geleden
  • We mooove

    Troy NashTroy Nash23 dagen geleden
    • Jack54HDJack54HD23 dagen geleden