27 dec. 2020
18 878 Weergaven

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  • This guy reminds me a bit of Kyle Walker

    Trystan GrantTrystan Grant15 dagen geleden
  • This guy used Minamino over Salah and Lacazette over Martial lol

    Trystan GrantTrystan Grant15 dagen geleden
  • Is it only me that can’t score with Ben Yedder

    Captain NeonCaptain Neon17 dagen geleden
  • Jack scored goal of the year!!!

    Alex MillarAlex Millar19 dagen geleden
  • I think you should lock the positions of the first 2 players. It makes the people you and the opponent down completely stupid

    Oblivion NationOblivion Nation20 dagen geleden
  • I´ve never seen worse locked players

    Big Divock OrigiBig Divock Origi20 dagen geleden
  • Don't you get banned for buying coins?

    TheBradTTheBradT20 dagen geleden
  • FG discarded Luckyzette😂😂

    Nik CelarcNik Celarc20 dagen geleden
  • It’s a odd one the card because. I no Firmino has 5 star weak foot better work rates and slightly taller. But The cards a massive bait but he actually seems worth it. He’s got very similar stats / slightly better you could argue to to kimmich who’s 250k. But Another card similar is prime schweinsteiger which is 1.3 mil. I would probably say it’s only worth completing if you can do it for 200/300k and use untradeables.

    L MullerL Muller20 dagen geleden
  • Erm! Jack!? Pretty sure the rule is if you say your done there’s no going back!

    Jonno YJonno Y20 dagen geleden
  • Has anyone compared the inform firmino to this freeze that is grossly overpriced?! Makes for interesting reading

    Jonno YJonno Y20 dagen geleden
  • Bro jack was playing some excellent fifa in this gameplay, well in lad 🔥

    JustIconicJustIconic20 dagen geleden
  • You dont get a yellow card for jumping over the advertising dings. Only if you are celebrating with the fans.

    lillezlatan kinglillezlatan king20 dagen geleden
  • Straighten the rules out jack 🤣. Make a book with all of them.

    AdelmoraulAdelmoraul20 dagen geleden
  • He's defo best guest now always entertaining. Likeable guy.

    LukeyTheLionLukeyTheLion20 dagen geleden
  • This guy is class, he’s so happy it’s infectious 😀

    Tom WilliamsTom Williams20 dagen geleden
  • Why this dude making such a big deal out of Cancelo. He acting like it's Ronaldo or sumting 😂😂😂😂😂

    Bao NguyenBao Nguyen21 dag geleden
  • who the fooook is that guy

    Mohammed AlatabiMohammed Alatabi21 dag geleden
  • Hes a nice guy but hell he sucks at building squads. 3 league in a 433 variant w an icon in the middle?

    lim kxlim kx21 dag geleden
  • Fraz is an awesome guest, probably my favourite, but my god how doesn't he know how chem works? 😅

    Coach MarvCoach Marv21 dag geleden
  • Loan54 HD

    Ollie HayesOllie Hayes21 dag geleden
  • How can you just claim your done and then change your mind, thought you had to stop after claiming that you’re finished??

    Aaron HectorAaron Hector21 dag geleden
    • Il

      Tinfoil01Tinfoil0120 dagen geleden
    • @fernando ueno thought he said that in an episode previously when explaining to Tom, not too sure but this rule is still unclear and needs to be cleared up

      Aaron HectorAaron Hector20 dagen geleden
    • @Aaron Hector yeah he never Said that, Jack needs to take a look at this rule

      fernando uenofernando ueno21 dag geleden
    • @fernando ueno I get that he may not have had the nations but I thought once you say your done you have to lock in the team with issues or not, hence why he always asks, have you got 5 nations/3 leagues and that

      Aaron HectorAaron Hector21 dag geleden
    • Im not sure if im right but Jack's team had less than 5 nations, so he changed it but he lost the goal advantage. This rule is very confusing though, Jack needs to take a look at that

      fernando uenofernando ueno21 dag geleden
  • I'm Alone 😍😥

    Ethan NigelEthan Nigel21 dag geleden
  • Silva is a cam isn’t he? But he used him at CDM? 2 position changes?

    Dwayne SlaterDwayne Slater21 dag geleden
    • he has a CM card, obviously a bit of a "cheat" since he's using the CAM version but Silva DOES have a standard CM inform, so ig its okay since its just an "upgrade"? idk but if anything he shouldve used the inform one instead of Record Breaker

      Krause FilmsKrause Films21 dag geleden
    • True what are these rules

      agodagod21 dag geleden
  • Is the u7buy safe? Dont u get banned on fifa if u buy coins there

    Jens SchellekensJens Schellekens21 dag geleden
    • Don’t know if I was just unfortunate tho I’ve always wondered what fifas stance is

      Liam JacksonLiam Jackson21 dag geleden
    • I’ve done it in past and my matchmaking on the last Fifa was terrible there after always said my opponent left the game before it started

      Liam JacksonLiam Jackson21 dag geleden
  • Fut FG still don’t know how chemistry work

    Born KinburanBorn Kinburan21 dag geleden
  • He looks like Itanis son i swear😂

    Oliver TruaOliver Trua21 dag geleden
  • Love it jack mate

    Stanley TodStanley Tod21 dag geleden
  • Am i the only one who screamed torreira for the perfect link to gimenez

    egsd_ aliegsd_ ali21 dag geleden
    • Only one yes

      Stanley TodStanley Tod21 dag geleden
  • What a guy he is. My favourite guest

    mad about trainsmad about trains21 dag geleden
  • I'm Single 😍😥

    aneo BenedBeneaneo BenedBene21 dag geleden
  • You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Emily SiennaEmily Sienna21 dag geleden
  • Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯

    Gerald MosheGerald Moshe21 dag geleden
  • He played Silva at CDM 🤣🤣🤣

    HBKmoyHBKmoy21 dag geleden
  • What happened to u cant change ur team after u say u are done? Literally went againest your own rules jack

    Navraj RehalNavraj Rehal21 dag geleden
    • @Vukan Jocić Yet you still watch it...

      Louis CashLouis Cash20 dagen geleden
    • I think u can change the team if it doesn't meet the criteria, so he did it and by doing that he lost his goal advantadge. His team had less than 5 nations when he said he was done

      fernando uenofernando ueno21 dag geleden
    • Thats why this chanel is dead

      Vukan JocićVukan Jocić21 dag geleden
  • Why is man city man playing david silva at cdm, he's a cam normally

    Porter MontaguePorter Montague21 dag geleden
    • @Porter Montague pretty sure you can’t move a player that you put in during squad building 2 spaces but you can for a starting player

      Aaron HectorAaron Hector21 dag geleden
    • @Spencer Rose I know, but she should've played silva at cm since he is a cam, you can't move a player two positions

      Porter MontaguePorter Montague21 dag geleden
    • He had a formation with 2 cdms and cm

      Spencer RoseSpencer Rose21 dag geleden
  • Why is the Man City donny putting kslosterman,bellerabi and Jesus as locked players

    FhejahvsbsbsdHhh RobesEvnendndmxmFhejahvsbsbsdHhh RobesEvnendndmxm21 dag geleden
  • Great video keep it up 👍

    GoodEye.ScytheGoodEye.Scythe21 dag geleden
  • Love your dynamic, hope you had a sound Christmas !

    Daniel LansdownDaniel Lansdown21 dag geleden
  • keep up the good work mate, been banging the vids lately, much love

    Kevin van AsKevin van As21 dag geleden
  • Is this card actually worth it

    Lee MarriottLee Marriott21 dag geleden
    • Depends if you have fodder

      Thef2jrThef2jr21 dag geleden
    • No too expensive

      Ry_ry3000Ry_ry300021 dag geleden
  • Jack hopefully Liverpool best West Brom 🙏

    TJ MulvihillTJ Mulvihill21 dag geleden
  • first

    Jack MaurerJack Maurer21 dag geleden
  • Hi jack hows ur day mate

    Theo WatkinsTheo Watkins21 dag geleden