10 dec. 2020
24 148 Weergaven

7 Minute Squads x Team Takedown! Let's go!!
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  • hahahahahaha jack54 looks like craig the ginger cop off coronation street

    devil damodevil damo29 dagen geleden
  • Jack and Oakley are the only Fifa NLworldrs who have not improved at the game since like fifa 18

    Oliver SharmanOliver Sharman29 dagen geleden
  • Jack: tries to look good and guess a Premier league CAM without looking Also Jack: Has no football knowledge so has to guess the same player who he guessed at RAM who also happens to play for his favourite team

    Oliver SharmanOliver Sharman29 dagen geleden
  • Maybe if you guess Jack’s player and you have already written it as a locked player before the game you get to give him a trump card. That’s the incentive to double down on your guess rather than guessing someone else to cover more bases

    awasawafeawasawafeMaand geleden
  • Hey Jack, just an idea but now that the formations are taken out a hat - I think it would be cool to throw another spanner in the works and make 7 mins even tougher, and have a hat of the top 5 leagues in a hat with maybe another 5 or so leagues, and after the formation pick you go to the hat with the leagues in and pick a league out- which ever is picked the person isn’t allowed to use that league in the squad - i think it would make it better to see some of the lesser leagues involved instead of some of the times people going to the top 5 leagues and seeing sort of the same players. Love the videos mate👍

    JoshJoshMaand geleden
  • They said fucking EASY it’s EZE FFS EH ZAY

    Jack GamblinJack GamblinMaand geleden
  • Should Tom not have started 3-0 up? 😂

    KingJazza123KingJazza123Maand geleden
  • Thankfully EA seem to have slightly moved away from making people “slow” purely because of age. Navas, Vardy, Aubameyang, Ronaldo, Oba Martins etc are all over 30 and have good pace.

    LilJimmmyLilJimmmyMaand geleden
  • the moment jack said van der sarr i skipped the entire guessing part he is so stupid

    jf cjf cMaand geleden
    • @Jack Hyland wym he is bad at guessing dude if hes building as many leagues as possible the icon would have little to no chance to be in goalkeeper

      lim kxlim kxMaand geleden
    • what a load of rubbish. get a life keyboard troll

      Jack HylandJack HylandMaand geleden
  • Modric? Yeah, he has good links to prem cams jack

    Jontu RJontu RMaand geleden
  • This collab is the best squad building game on youtube. Keep up the great work fellas!

    Michael HenryMichael HenryMaand geleden
  • did Tom think Zaha was at right striker?

    DANKDANKMaand geleden
  • Did around 50 of those rare player picks Best i got was a 84 champions league bürki

    SumronSumronMaand geleden
  • 200th like

    Yolo For lifeYolo For lifeMaand geleden
  • I swear Tom is only wearing a t-shirt 7:42

    Darren MitchellDarren MitchellMaand geleden
    • he´s wearing light grey shorts :D

      Patrik PerutkaPatrik PerutkaMaand geleden
  • Would love to see jack win more against tom. Or at least closer games

    Gazza 223Gazza 223Maand geleden
  • Love the daily upload Jack. Something I look forward to watching after a day of work. Cheers from Cali.

    Alejandro UrzuaAlejandro UrzuaMaand geleden
    • @Andy Sanchez I’m from Oakland bro. Love SoCal

      Alejandro UrzuaAlejandro UrzuaMaand geleden
    • Bro I’m From L.A

      Andy SanchezAndy SanchezMaand geleden
  • Jack stop wasting time to make your series look hard and stressing, you alwais says this is so bad, its going to be difficult. But thats because you are thnking og using players from Copa Libertadores og players from rest of the world

    Born KinburanBorn KinburanMaand geleden
    • @Born Kinburan yeah, me neither 😂

      Muhannad MabahMuhannad MabahMaand geleden
    • @Muhannad Mabah haha nah actually not, just tired of him always finish last and get least leagues and always 2 goals down:) i also don’t want Tom to Win so

      Born KinburanBorn KinburanMaand geleden
    • I think you're the only one who wants Jack to win 😁

      Muhannad MabahMuhannad MabahMaand geleden
    • Just shut up mate

      Stanley TodStanley TodMaand geleden
    • You are doing that when all of your aponnents make it done in like 3 mins, and you akways finish last because of that. No hate, just want you to win sometime and dont discard players every epiosode mate

      Born KinburanBorn KinburanMaand geleden
  • The singing from jack is overrated I think

    Ollie SewellOllie SewellMaand geleden
  • Gingers

    Bobby FroneBobby FroneMaand geleden
  • Gonna be lit

    Unbroken PlaysUnbroken PlaysMaand geleden
  • Great vids Jack :)

    Cameron BakerCameron BakerMaand geleden
  • Does Jack reply??

    Gracie MartinezGracie MartinezMaand geleden
    • Nein.

      Muhannad MabahMuhannad MabahMaand geleden
    • No lol

      ChickenChickenMaand geleden
  • yes jack banging video as usual

    Arun BainsArun BainsMaand geleden
  • Zahaaaaaaaaaa

    Ghost GamingGhost GamingMaand geleden
  • Already can tell gonna be amazing!

    Kieran AddisonKieran AddisonMaand geleden
  • Hi jack🐐

    Alfie smallAlfie smallMaand geleden