4 jan. 2021
15 875 Weergaven

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  • I really enjoys scotts squad building skills

    XD SJEFENXD SJEFEN13 dagen geleden
  • Hello welcome to another episode of stinky scuads

    Vision TajiVision Taji13 dagen geleden
  • Stinky squads

    Lee GardnerLee Gardner14 dagen geleden
  • Lol jack obv doesnt have his head in this thing, constantly failing to build good teams and writing players the same position as the second player. Content quality is dropping

    lim kxlim kx15 dagen geleden
  • My day is now complete

    Xx -maddox- xXXx -maddox- xX15 dagen geleden
  • How do you do that scoop pass great video

    Stephen BristowStephen Bristow15 dagen geleden
  • I packed headliner zaha and my second untradable kdb out of 2 82 plus packs

  • Jack, quick query, how come you always put position modifiers on your players even though you’re playing in Max Chem? I get it if you’re playing Classic (would drive me mad too!) but surely this is just a waste of consumables🤣

    Joe McTaggartJoe McTaggart15 dagen geleden
  • why would you write down Pepe haha

    Luke FieldingLuke Fielding15 dagen geleden
  • Scott only builds stingy squads don't bring him back he did the same on teamtakedown

    Sherisan DeanSherisan Dean15 dagen geleden
  • Another episode of shocking squads

    Mathew KilleenMathew Killeen15 dagen geleden
  • No one gonna talk about how Jack avoided using Alvaro at CB cause he’s a racist? Or am I just looking for something that isn’t there?

    Mashed ChapMashed Chap16 dagen geleden
  • I understand you want a good hybrid but you’ve been using some stinky players recently😂 happy new year! Loving the content!

    Ryan CunninghamRyan Cunningham16 dagen geleden
  • You do know we can't see the formations on the strips of paper when you hold them up - is there something else you could write them on or show them clearer to the camera?

    JoshJosh16 dagen geleden
  • The ball after an L1 through pass gets blocked by their... head, shoulders, knees and toes

    Louis JohnsonLouis Johnson16 dagen geleden
  • Liverpool bottled it Jack!!

    Trav TDSTrav TDS16 dagen geleden
  • Pepe was a waste or a pick for jack as portu is rw on scotts team as the other player 😂😂

    Thomas KellyThomas Kelly16 dagen geleden
  • Are you on drugs Scott, putting a bronze on your strike force , wow please someone check on this gentlemen and see if he is okay.

    Youssef JoeYoussef Joe16 dagen geleden
    • He did the same on team takedown

      Sherisan DeanSherisan Dean15 dagen geleden
  • Scott´s handwriting is on another level

    Patrik PerutkaPatrik Perutka16 dagen geleden
  • Please don’t use goalies

  • You cheated on Scott's video and probably thought it would go unnoticed surely this means the red card = discard rule doesn't apply to anyone else from now on?

    Alfie BrownAlfie Brown16 dagen geleden
    • @Stanley Tod lol

      Alfie BrownAlfie Brown16 dagen geleden
    • Just shut up

      Stanley TodStanley Tod16 dagen geleden
  • Why did jack put Pepe and calhanoglu

    FhejahvsbsbsdHhh RobesEvnendndmxmFhejahvsbsbsdHhh RobesEvnendndmxm16 dagen geleden
    • @FhejahvsbsbsdHhh RobesEvnendndmxm yeah man

      Mashed ChapMashed Chap15 dagen geleden
    • Mashed Chap and he wouldn’t get Portu On chem as well

      FhejahvsbsbsdHhh RobesEvnendndmxmFhejahvsbsbsdHhh RobesEvnendndmxm15 dagen geleden
    • @Lucas Currao makes no sense he couldn’t go kessie and calhanoglu and get zaha 10 chem

      Mashed ChapMashed Chap16 dagen geleden
    • @FhejahvsbsbsdHhh RobesEvnendndmxm calhanoglu just in case he went kessie

      Lucas CurraoLucas Currao16 dagen geleden
    • Stinky squads is back guys

      Kristian DabeskiKristian Dabeski16 dagen geleden
  • What a terrible team

    BrugBrug16 dagen geleden
    • He did the same on team takedown

      Sherisan DeanSherisan Dean15 dagen geleden
  • Happy new years mate!

    Liam LesterLiam Lester16 dagen geleden
    • new year and sticky squads are back

      Kristian DabeskiKristian Dabeski16 dagen geleden
  • Jack honestly you should put some more time into your shotgun players. It's a bit frustrating seeing some of your players written down. They just dont make any sense. Great video otherwise tho.

    johannes christensenjohannes christensen16 dagen geleden
    • @Michael Cantelmi I think Kessie would've worked with a Spanish icon at RCM

      Siim LSiim L16 dagen geleden
    • @Jan Kriznic literally. Everybody was impossible except Kouyate

      Michael CantelmiMichael Cantelmi16 dagen geleden
    • It makes me think he thought Scott had a different player

      Sam MaleySam Maley16 dagen geleden
    • Only one player was probable 😂

      Jan KriznicJan Kriznic16 dagen geleden
    • Yeah getting a bit annoying, happens everytime

      Ash ClarkeAsh Clarke16 dagen geleden
  • Hi

    Jacob EwartJacob Ewart16 dagen geleden
  • 4th Love the vids

    Louis JohnsonLouis Johnson16 dagen geleden
  • Hi Jack 😀😀😀

    Pranay PinnentiPranay Pinnenti16 dagen geleden
  • Ben yedder said no to the title 😂😂

    TjTj16 dagen geleden