14 nov. 2020
25 156 Weergaven

We build two incredible teams around this insane new card from the Road To The Final promo!!
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SUB - @Oakelfish
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  • Most overrated player on fifa I’ve ever seen he’s shit only has physical stats

    Other HumansOther Humans2 maanden geleden
  • But you can use the 442

    Nova WolfNova Wolf2 maanden geleden
  • Good squad built by Oakley

    Trav TDSTrav TDS2 maanden geleden
  • Oakelfish could of put Ibra and Dybala or Martinez to have 4 leagues, silly sausage..

    Tsimafei TsykunouTsimafei Tsykunou2 maanden geleden
  • Its amazing how you can make up 383728 rules and then when you have 2 more players off chemistry when you had 11 players in, it's just magically fine. Shambles.

    Jack PorterJack Porter2 maanden geleden
  • Should not Oakley be 2 goals up? 3 leagues to jacks 0 leagues and finish first.??? Jack u need to follow your rules mate

    Born KinburanBorn Kinburan2 maanden geleden
  • isn't the rule you have to take out any player off chem? I feel like jack cheats a lot because he doesn't remember or know his own rules.

    Sebastian EdgarSebastian Edgar2 maanden geleden
  • Are we just going to gloss over the fact that Sissoko was out muscled by Navas in the build up for Jack’s second goal 😂😂

    KeatsKeats2 maanden geleden
  • @jack54hd, you keep shitting on alario, but at the moment he is scoring more goals than Liverpool and is in form in real life. At the moment he is a scoring machine.

    Alvaro SOSA-SUAREZAlvaro SOSA-SUAREZ2 maanden geleden
  • Just packed him

    Ryan CorbettRyan Corbett2 maanden geleden
  • Jack you cheat on your own series more than anyone else ahahaha

    Alfie BrownAlfie Brown2 maanden geleden
  • You should have lost your keeper if we’re being honest. Stuff like this is why people joke that you make the rules up as you go along bro??

    CAZZAPARRCAZZAPARR2 maanden geleden
  • Jack: I messed up because of the menus. Me: You messed up because you can not tell the difference between a Monaco badge and a Nice badge.

    Joshua BlakeJoshua Blake2 maanden geleden
  • doesn’t jack have to get two more bronzes and mix his team up and oak chooses two spots cus they were off chem

    Daniel BazalduaDaniel Bazaldua2 maanden geleden
  • Oakley bought a cm aguero 😂

    D.N.ED.N.E2 maanden geleden
  • get manny or bateson on an episode

    Luke BirdLuke Bird2 maanden geleden
  • who else just didn't understand what happened last night

    xxextensionxxextension2 maanden geleden
    • Oh I understood clearly if you know what I mean🥜

      Joshua CoriaJoshua CoriaMaand geleden
  • According to your rules you should of had to mix up your team and get another bronze because you didn't complete any requirements

    Josh GJosh G2 maanden geleden
  • The GK should have been gone, the only reason you were changing the CB is because the one you had in didn't give him chemistry.

    Harry WoodHarry Wood2 maanden geleden
  • what a waste of coins for a 82 rated oh i forgot he plays in the epl ....

    SumronSumron2 maanden geleden
  • 422??

    ExVerse_VenomExVerse_Venom2 maanden geleden
  • The loss of the centre back makes Benitez off chemistry. He should be replaced with a bronze because of that. He would need a perfect link anyway.

    John BarnsdaleJohn Barnsdale2 maanden geleden
  • funny how oakley puts hunters and shawdows on all his players before the game

    Ben WeltonBen Welton2 maanden geleden
  • Oakley needs to get better at putting lock players down and the other guests

    Hanief JamesHanief James2 maanden geleden
  • I feel there could be a bit of a harsher punishment for not finishing building the team in time. Maybe a bronze in each position u don’t have a player in then mix up the team and the opponent gets to put an extra bronze in your team. Or another thought is it becomes an extra discard at the end.

    Sam TurnbullSam Turnbull2 maanden geleden
  • Why didn’t Oakley use depay

    Little JohnLittle John2 maanden geleden
  • instead of discarding the player put them in an sbc because you could easily recover them on companion

    owenc 2003owenc 20032 maanden geleden
    • They have an honour code - it’s just understood that they don’t recover them. I do like when they put them in an SBC because they get a nice consolation prize and it doesn’t go TOTALLY to waste

      Dan BaileyDan Bailey2 maanden geleden
  • Oakley is the only fifa you tuber that always uses a good team, everyone else put pump players in so they don't have to discard

    Mathew KilleenMathew Killeen2 maanden geleden
    • Bateson87

      Alvin CarlesAlvin Carles2 maanden geleden
    • Yeah my favorite part is when he does a easy 3 league hybrid, puts shadow cards on his entire defence in a friendly game and still gets rodded

      Ash ClarkeAsh Clarke2 maanden geleden
  • I honestly think Spurs will make the final so I think thats why hes at that price

    Richie SmitRichie Smit2 maanden geleden
    • @vrejouhi vartanian you alright mate?

      Richie SmitRichie Smit2 maanden geleden

      vrejouhi vartanianvrejouhi vartanian2 maanden geleden
    • Thats definitely a factor but its also partially based on the hype from last year.

      smithy_ cosmithy_ co2 maanden geleden
  • maybe in fifa but not against finland

    Y E E TY E E T2 maanden geleden
  • 7 comments!!! HOW

    QuAk NugeyQuAk Nugey2 maanden geleden
  • If feel like If any of your players hasn’t got full Chem you should remove them because in this case jack still has 2 players on 6&7 Chem but gets to keep them and only have a bronze cb

    Jack SmithJack Smith2 maanden geleden
    • Yeah absolutely i can't believe how you can get away so easily for basically total failure

      Максим ГорчаковМаксим Горчаков2 maanden geleden
  • could you possibly make a 7MS or TTD or SBSD on EUL RTTF Koulibaily? or is he too expensive

    Henry WidenbrantHenry Widenbrant2 maanden geleden
  • Good squad oaks

    Ollie HayesOllie Hayes2 maanden geleden
  • 5TH

    FREDDIE PlayZFREDDIE PlayZ2 maanden geleden
  • Even though it is as extra rule, i think it would be good to make someone use an IF if not same leage/nation if they pack one, especially if it is a board. No need for jack to go past mkhitarian becuase of the weird nation to wait and get an Argentinean. Oakly over here using a Swedish guy to make it a bit interesting.

    DJ ClevelandDJ Cleveland2 maanden geleden
  • Hey, I really like the series but wouldn't it be better to draw the formation first before opening packs for the second player ? So they can't just look for a full back or winger to get a better formation from the draw ? On this way you will be able to go through all the formations much easier then when someone can't use a formation cause of the 2nd player he/she got.

    Jordy BoogaartJordy Boogaart2 maanden geleden
  • cant wait 4 this vid!

    RageRage2 maanden geleden
  • First

    Joe WebsterJoe Webster2 maanden geleden