1 dec. 2020
17 796 Weergaven

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  • Kirbz Mate if you'd went reguilon instead of lodi you'd have atleast a 3 league with 5 nations

    Janik2004Janik2004Maand geleden
  • Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you the Guinness record holder Aouar who is the first player to have more than one nationality in his fifa card. Thank you.

    Youssef JoeYoussef JoeMaand geleden
  • 13:45 jack just had to use that spain budesliga rb with 86 pace and mario hermoso and he was done

    AidenOnP.S. 4AidenOnP.S. 4Maand geleden
  • I think it's time for jack to pass over the crown to squad builder king to capguntom no disrespect to Jack 😂😂😂😂

    Mike JonesMike JonesMaand geleden
  • he techlany only had 3 nations because he only1 nation from his gk

    smp txlkssmp txlksMaand geleden
  • 4 Players from atletico and only 4 nations. Still smiling :DD

    Jiri ZivotskyJiri ZivotskyMaand geleden
  • You can’t ask for 3 thousand likes with Kirbz as the guest 😂 Considering he’s a Fifa NLworldr, he’s soooo bad at building squads

    Kyle MurphyKyle MurphyMaand geleden
  • Why does aouar have a Dutch flag

    Parish TownesParish TownesMaand geleden
  • Mario hermoso for felipe and Kirbz would've completed his team. Great series and keep up the good work Jack

    Jeremiah GabrielJeremiah GabrielMaand geleden
  • why does kirbz play dumfries

    elliot marlandelliot marlandMaand geleden
  • stop being kirbz on!! if you want to get to 1 mil subs you can’t be playing against someone with less than 100k subs

    Darcie AitkenDarcie AitkenMaand geleden
  • Jack can't use Dutch Aouar. Interesting.

    Vladimir PetrovVladimir PetrovMaand geleden
  • Anyone else notice that on the locked players on jacks side aouar has a dutch flag beside him😂

    Tiernan CassidyTiernan CassidyMaand geleden
  • # deleaburn ( rottingdean village fc leak

    Nathan WilsonNathan WilsonMaand geleden
  • Palomino Palomino

    Khush GovindjeeKhush GovindjeeMaand geleden
  • jack please get your opponent to send you a picture of their team, its so frustrating when the opponent doesnt complete the team properly and continue to get away with it

    Jimmy ReadJimmy ReadMaand geleden
  • 7ms is just 7 minutes of people making weird faces and speaking in weird accents

    MattMattMaand geleden
  • Why is auoar Dutch on your side idk how to spell his name ahha

    to277m2to277m2Maand geleden
  • Jack just had to put in some lyon players in the end

    Yvar GrevelingYvar GrevelingMaand geleden
  • Yes Jack, looking forward to it mate! Respect the grind

    SASHTvSASHTvMaand geleden
  • What a start to the advent calendar 7min squads😂

    Alan MijoAlan MijoMaand geleden
  • Jack should keep a rule where if you give one bronze to a player who has not met the requirements and the player who is picked is there as locked player should get one more chance to pick a bronze

    manav guptamanav guptaMaand geleden
  • Does jack even look at the vids he realeased?

    XD SJEFENXD SJEFENMaand geleden
  • Kirbs honestly just made it worse for himself tbh

    XD SJEFENXD SJEFENMaand geleden
  • Jack always shows that he suck at squad building. Loves to see the difference between these two

    XD SJEFENXD SJEFENMaand geleden
  • Kirbz did mess up badly in this epi

    Connor McMahon 4Connor McMahon 4Maand geleden
  • I’ve done this card and I honestly hate him, he’s awful

    only1kyle97only1kyle97Maand geleden
  • Would love to play him aswell

  • Jack keep up the good work and I hope u get 1,000,000subs he deserves it

  • jack could have just used trippier and hermoso rip

    Trav TDSTrav TDSMaand geleden
    • Needed the extra Bundesliga player when he was going for his 5 league hybrid

      Jamie MerrickJamie MerrickMaand geleden
  • Jacks singing 10/10🤣🤣

    LeeLeeMaand geleden
  • You should change the formations because many of them u can't actually build a hybrid which defeats the purpose of the series... and suggest is you'll get to pick ur formation and just like the locked players u can lock an position and if u get it then u can pick the formation for the opponent and they have to adapt the players and its gonna be playing in max chem so that will be fine

    Sherisan DeanSherisan DeanMaand geleden
  • Oh so now Aouor is Dutch. Lol

    JS SportsJS SportsMaand geleden
  • Kirbz doesn’t have 5 nations and he used 4 players from atletico so he’s a cheating bastard

    Allen HillAllen HillMaand geleden
    • @Born Kinburan should of got another for using 4 athletic and he played Dumfries he’s a cheat

      Allen HillAllen HillMaand geleden
    • He did get bronze for not completing the team, so no cheat there

      Born KinburanBorn KinburanMaand geleden
    • @Tarz shut it

      Allen HillAllen HillMaand geleden
    • “cheating bastard” the fuck is wrong bro? chill

      TarzTarzMaand geleden
    • it didn't matter though because he didn't get any advantage from doing this. Because he didn't complete at least a 3 league hybrid correctly the scores started at 0-0, if he would of said that he didn't do the nations or that he had 4 players from the same team the score would of still started at 0-0 and he wouldn't have gotten any extra bronzes. stop your whining.

      Sebastian EdgarSebastian EdgarMaand geleden
  • No stream today?

    Ben CanhamBen CanhamMaand geleden
  • why is aour dutch??? lol

    ThiccboyFinnThiccboyFinnMaand geleden
  • Excited to see some new guests on the channel

    Muhammad TahaMuhammad TahaMaand geleden
  • I feel that you should read your squad first and then read the locked players before you get switch your team in case you've not met your criteria

    George LamGeorge LamMaand geleden
  • Kirbz can’t do anything in life except to cheat and ruin the series smh🤦‍♂️

    Abed JrAbed JrMaand geleden
  • Am I the only 1 who doesn’t like the new formation system

    Three_TBThree_TBMaand geleden
  • Kirbz is cheat. 4 nationals and said he had 5 and then he played with dunfries eventhough he should have been replaced with bronze

    Jee JeeJee JeeMaand geleden
  • Kirbz saying that depay is the best finisher that he has used that fifa but he is ålaying against bronze keeper 🤣🤣

    Jee JeeJee JeeMaand geleden
  • Absolutely enjoying the updated rules to the series! It is great to see both you and your opponents squadbuilding skills being tested. Keep up the great content and I am sure 1 million subs won't be far away!

    Nicholas JovanovskiNicholas JovanovskiMaand geleden
  • I don't fckin get the rules does this mean we can have the mark e player off chem every time? Since he can't be removed

    Shaheer gillaniiShaheer gillaniiMaand geleden
  • Kirbz cheated again, only 4 nations

    Alfie BrownAlfie BrownMaand geleden
    • And he used dumbfries

      Reece AkanoReece AkanoMaand geleden
  • There needs to be a better way to pick formations because it always seems like Jack gets the good formations

    HBKmoyHBKmoyMaand geleden
    • Cry

      Abed JrAbed JrMaand geleden
  • Jack should of got tripper instead on a silver

    Vision TajiVision TajiMaand geleden
  • Why did Kirbz use dumfries if it was picked for a bronze tho

    iLLG-ToritoiLLG-ToritoMaand geleden
  • Kirbz is so annoying I’m out

    Kelpo RanKelpo RanMaand geleden
    • ligma

      TarzTarzMaand geleden
  • Nobody : Kirbz : Brazilian , Dutch, Uruguay, Slovenia, Brazil

    James NguyenJames NguyenMaand geleden
  • Well well jack we need too have a chat don’t we 🤣😉👀

    Troy NashTroy NashMaand geleden
    • We certainly do 🤔

      Ben CanhamBen CanhamMaand geleden
  • If Jack sings in every one of his 7 minute squads for December, I'm sure 1 million subs is possible. 😊😌

    Jamel LawrenceJamel LawrenceMaand geleden
  • 22:53 Ur face was the funniest thing I've seen in a while

    Anthony AbsiAnthony AbsiMaand geleden
  • Yeah Kirbz totally got 5 nations. Honestly how can he not count to 5? He's so useless at building squads - don't know why he's so much on

    johannes christensenjohannes christensenMaand geleden
    • @Louis Cash and true

      J FJ FMaand geleden
    • @J F got to give it to you, that is original.

      Louis CashLouis CashMaand geleden
    • @Louis Cash lmao your name is just ironic because you have no money

      J FJ FMaand geleden
    • @J F In all honesty I don't think you can take the piss out of someones name when you're hiding behind a veil of anonymity.

      Louis CashLouis CashMaand geleden
    • @Jonathon McConville thats a rip being called Jonathon f in the chats

      J FJ FMaand geleden
  • 0:39

    Алексей ФилимоновАлексей ФилимоновMaand geleden
  • atm a views like ratio of 1 like per each 10 views

    Jeppie JoostenJeppie JoostenMaand geleden
  • Aouar is now dutch😬

    Reece CoyneReece CoyneMaand geleden
    • 2 different nationalities at once😂

      Reece CoyneReece CoyneMaand geleden
  • Why does aouar have the dutch flag on the locked players?

    ElTigreeElTigreeMaand geleden
    • @Abed Jr what a fifa noob not knowing he's played for both

      J FJ FMaand geleden
    • @Abed Jr he has a Dutch card, he means what he said

      Elliot BakerElliot BakerMaand geleden
    • @J F what re you talking about 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

      Abed JrAbed JrMaand geleden
    • Go cry

      Abed JrAbed JrMaand geleden
    • He has a Dutch card

      J FJ FMaand geleden
  • Get some American FIFA youtubers on as well as other new people instead of the same old same old

    Callum StephensCallum StephensMaand geleden
  • ayy most likes gang

    NemanjaHDNemanjaHDMaand geleden
    • @Number 10 It does not change anything

      Kristian DabeskiKristian DabeskiMaand geleden
    • 25:22 He did say "Neither of us completed our teams"

      Number 10Number 10Maand geleden
    • @NemanjaHD Sweden

      Kristian DabeskiKristian DabeskiMaand geleden
    • @NemanjaHD Why you ask?

      Kristian DabeskiKristian DabeskiMaand geleden
    • @Kristian Dabeski where are u from

      NemanjaHDNemanjaHDMaand geleden
  • Haven’t watched the game yet but I am analysing to see if u have kept the gameplay 😉

    Troy NashTroy NashMaand geleden
  • kirbz could've put a trippier rb and he would've done it.

    NemanjaHDNemanjaHDMaand geleden
    • @Louis Cash maybe put in robbens club rb who is not dutch to get the 5 nations aswell

      NemanjaHDNemanjaHDMaand geleden
    • Unfortunatley not, in terms of leagues he would've had 5,2,2,1,1.

      Louis CashLouis CashMaand geleden
  • Kirbz only has 4 nations

    FFC - JaezOnYTFFC - JaezOnYTMaand geleden
  • Get this man to 1,000,000 he is grinding the content keep it up Jack

    Calum MonaghanCalum MonaghanMaand geleden
    • Kirbz should have used skriniar instead of Felipe and then inter rb

      fox 72fox 72Maand geleden
    • Thanks so much mate ❤️

      Jack54HDJack54HDMaand geleden
  • Hi

    Liem GilLiem GilMaand geleden
  • This is a nice comment

    mad about trainsmad about trainsMaand geleden
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    Ryan HughesRyan HughesMaand geleden
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    Jake ClarkeJake ClarkeMaand geleden
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    James EvansJames EvansMaand geleden