30 dec. 2020
17 897 Weergaven

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  • Anyone else unsubscribe for that

    Gaming BFFGaming BFF19 uur geleden
  • Them cards shouldn't even be classed as special cards. Did him so dirty.. I bet if that was the other way round he would of made up some reason not use him

    Callum HallCallum Hall17 dagen geleden
  • Revenge will be sweet! Happy New Year all 🙌🏽

    OakelfishOakelfish20 dagen geleden
    • Use Dizzy96 tactics Oaks, they hit different, try 4312 ones.

      Fifa Burnaaa07Fifa Burnaaa0717 dagen geleden
  • Lol oakley been done dirty but the fact that he still doesnt know chemistry till so long is bewildering

    lim kxlim kx20 dagen geleden
  • I dont get why people are hating on Jack. Thats just how the cookie crumbles. Rules are rules imo

    Liam LesterLiam Lester20 dagen geleden
  • Snake move by you Jack with the GK lol. Poor Oakley, he already struggles with building the squad and playing the game 🙈

    Billy FBilly F20 dagen geleden
  • Peek on oakley man

    Kyle MallandainKyle Mallandain20 dagen geleden
  • Kind of snakey Jack ngl

    JJ20 dagen geleden
  • Jack you should have let oakley change his player mate😂

    JJ20 dagen geleden
  • To be fair Oakley has done great there after being given a kipper for a 2nd player 👍 👏

    Coach MarvCoach Marv20 dagen geleden
  • Jack's such a cheating snake 🐍 Oakley should have picked a team of bronzes!

    ootoobeah71ootoobeah7120 dagen geleden
  • Oakley shouldn't have had to use that. That card isn't even supposed to be on the market. He should've just built like a 10k team after Jack doing that to him.

    Adzter 96Adzter 9620 dagen geleden
  • New rule please: The second marquee player has to be minimum 80 rated. For the video's sake, contrasting POTM Felix with some part time plumber from the Sudamericana just doesn't seem fair

    Number 10Number 1020 dagen geleden
  • So you set the buy now like that to avoid players like Oakley just got but made him take it anyway? Cheat.

    Harrison BakerHarrison Baker20 dagen geleden
  • Lala’s of chem on Oakleys team

    Zac HerbertZac Herbert20 dagen geleden
    • He’s on 5

      Zac HerbertZac Herbert19 dagen geleden
    • No he aint

      Jack MarwickJack Marwick19 dagen geleden
  • jack is a dick sometimes that card is not legit to use

    LIztaXLIztaX20 dagen geleden
    • I would have built a full bronze team just to take the piss

      LIztaXLIztaX20 dagen geleden
  • Absolute Shithousery from jack in the transfer market. Disgusted. Unsubscribed

    Talal ChowdhuryTalal Chowdhury20 dagen geleden
  • The start was so funnt holy shit.. Dats a like only for dat

    XD SJEFENXD SJEFEN20 dagen geleden
  • Oakley so unlucky getting a 76 rated gk from no league as his marquee player and he was 50k so heused his 66 rated card lmao

    Zizou ZizouZizou Zizou20 dagen geleden
  • Jack an absolute snake for making him use that GK . You just lost a sub for that lol Smh I would actually look forward to watching your videos every other day too

    Christian MChristian M21 dag geleden
    • Jesus christ you kids need to stop crying because he landed on a 75 rated goalie it's not cheating or being a snake it's just bad luck

      ItzCrypticツ YTItzCrypticツ YT20 dagen geleden
  • Has Oaklefish forgot to pay his heating bill or something?

    Friely WATPFriely WATP21 dag geleden
  • Snake Jack snake 🐍🐍

    anders werklandanders werkland21 dag geleden
  • Oakley didn’t set a min price that’s why that gk come up. And jack would have seen that on Futbin. Did him so dirty

    Luke DollingLuke Dolling21 dag geleden
  • Unsubscribed because Jack is just being ridiculous, 1 making him use that goalie and 2 your bronze is actually who was there before what

    Alexander FarquharAlexander Farquhar21 dag geleden
  • Jack that's not ok ... he should not have been using a player that bad who has clearly been price fixed.

    Alfie BrownAlfie Brown21 dag geleden
  • Now I know why jack only gets 20k views a video smh jack you really have fallen of

    dylan vdbdylan vdb21 dag geleden
  • Turned the video off for Jack being a snake and making Oakley use this player

    Speedy 17Speedy 1721 dag geleden
  • I feel bad for Oakley, not only does he get talked about like a joke, but he also has to deal with Jack’s bs most

    Wind-Style : RagenshurikenWind-Style : Ragenshuriken21 dag geleden
  • Why have u copied Tom with the discard thing even if they used a trump card it’s stupid, they didn’t actually use them

    JS 9JS 921 dag geleden
  • Nice vid keep it up

    II SS IIII SS II21 dag geleden
  • oakley is living that freeze promo xD

    PinchyPheoPinchyPheo21 dag geleden
  • Jheez oakley be looking like he’s gonna chef people up

    James MunceyJames Muncey21 dag geleden
  • *When you get a new jacket* Oakley: Let me wear this sh*t on 7ms

    Sivert RismoenSivert Rismoen21 dag geleden
    • Wear*

      Daryl AtkinsonDaryl Atkinson21 dag geleden
  • Oakley should have just built a disgustingly cheap team, no point wasting players when you know you don’t even have a keeper, ruins the whole episode imo, personally I don’t think you should be able to use a keeper as a second player

    Trav TDSTrav TDS21 dag geleden
  • Jack’s a snake for actually making Oakley use him

    Trav TDSTrav TDS21 dag geleden
    • @Ewan Barmer no. He is a snake either way

      Aleksander DidriksenAleksander Didriksen15 dagen geleden
    • I mean he’s a motm card so...

      Ewan BarmerEwan Barmer20 dagen geleden
  • You did Oakley so dirty this game, so disgustingly dirty with that GK

    calhan lanecalhan lane21 dag geleden
  • And the cheater forgot koke

    Robert VerwijsRobert Verwijs21 dag geleden
  • 21:10 I didn’t think it was a rule that you had to discard the player if he wasn’t in your squad?

    Aaron HectorAaron Hector21 dag geleden
    • @Emil Johansson yeah all the time lol

      Trav TDSTrav TDS21 dag geleden
    • @Emil Johansson yet you’re sat here watching his video, it’s always been in the rules that you discard the player even if they’re out the squad

      Trav TDSTrav TDS21 dag geleden
  • Well Oakle was slightly unlucky with the special card he had to use but atleast he didnt have to discard anything of too much value.

    NaewanNaewan21 dag geleden
  • Who is that wanna be gay gangster that u play with jack

    Robert VerwijsRobert Verwijs21 dag geleden
  • jack looks for any edge the little snake any other streamer would say pick another but not that ginger snake cheat

    devil damodevil damo21 dag geleden
  • guys i need help, should i start saving my packs from now till toty? and btw Happy new year everyone

    Ziyech The WizardZiyech The Wizard21 dag geleden
  • Jack is a CHEAT. That's the only way he can win🤷🏽‍♂️

    Miguel SierraMiguel Sierra21 dag geleden
  • He should have been able to pick someone else IMO

    ItsJoshyItsJoshy21 dag geleden
  • How does Oakley forget the rules more and more as he is on the this series and how does he not know who Miura is when he gets him so many times?

    How was your day?How was your day?21 dag geleden
  • absolutely no way jack would have used that card if he had landed on it!

    TylerTyler21 dag geleden
    • @Cameron Burton now thats a lie as well

      itsKarlDesignsitsKarlDesigns20 dagen geleden
    • @Jack54HD lmao youre the worst fifa youtuber by far will legit do anything for wins and to give urself an advantage

      Cameron BurtonCameron Burton21 dag geleden
    • @Jack54HD i do comment and i enjoy your videos i just think today you messed up and in the past you have made mistakes, people would have been happier if you had made him choose another player.

      Alfie BrownAlfie Brown21 dag geleden
    • This Emil full of hate! Goodness me get off the channel and comments section if you dislike him so much you absolute melt!

      Jonno YJonno Y21 dag geleden
    • @Emil Johansson youve never said anything positive on my channel and I’m genuinely bored of seeing your comments now. Bye bye!

      Jack54HDJack54HD21 dag geleden
  • Oakley must be in the North Pole with that mic.

    daniel keelandaniel keelan21 dag geleden
  • Hilarious episode, love it with oaks

    Stanley TodStanley Tod21 dag geleden
  • Oakley looking like some buff daddy with that jacket on aha

    John FranklinJohn Franklin21 dag geleden
  • Fucking hell Jack that's dirty

    Sam GrimshawSam Grimshaw21 dag geleden
  • Oakley should discard Ansaldi I think

    Péter BozoriPéter Bozori21 dag geleden
  • you really got him use that card? unsubscribed you dont diserve to be here dude.

    Robert MRobert M21 dag geleden
    • @Jack54HD no one would have complained .... it was the fair thing to do.

      Alfie BrownAlfie Brown21 dag geleden
    • Rules are rules. He could’ve bought the 75 rated version. If I hadn’t made him use that card everyone would’ve been like ‘you’re breaking the rules once again’. Anyway see you later mate cheers for the view 👍🏼

      Jack54HDJack54HD21 dag geleden
  • Nice video

    sanidu Marasinghasanidu Marasingha21 dag geleden
  • Oakley sounding like he’s recording his audio through a tin can and a piece of string 🤕

    Ben WoodBen Wood21 dag geleden
  • What has happened to oakley’s mic😂😂😂💀💀

    FhejahvsbsbsdHhh RobesEvnendndmxmFhejahvsbsbsdHhh RobesEvnendndmxm21 dag geleden
  • Oakley doesnt only feel like he is in a fridge, he sounds like he is stuck in one too😂

    Jack MarwickJack Marwick21 dag geleden
  • Why is it that when oakley talks in this video his audio is so bad

    Ethan ColeEthan Cole21 dag geleden
  • Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Libby JolieLibby Jolie21 dag geleden
  • if Jack got Sudamerica card he would never use, its not many players so it would be hard

    Born KinburanBorn Kinburan21 dag geleden
    • I would 100% use it. It’s just incredibly unlucky. It was an upgraded version of his card.

      Jack54HDJack54HD21 dag geleden
  • Do you read your comments?

    Team A.k 47 ReaperTeam A.k 47 Reaper21 dag geleden
  • Oakley lowkey looks like a roadman in this video

    Musenge MoyoMusenge Moyo21 dag geleden
  • Wtf is that coat

    Tom DalyTom Daly21 dag geleden
  • #21PENDING

    Ashton_14Ashton_1421 dag geleden
  • oakley has been deep fried

    FIFA PredictsFIFA Predicts21 dag geleden
  • The coat 😅😅

    Alfie smallAlfie small21 dag geleden
  • Keep up the great work jack

    EesaSZNEesaSZN21 dag geleden
  • First

    Youssef El genYoussef El gen21 dag geleden
  • Nice jacket Oakley

    Zev DeanerZev Deaner21 dag geleden
  • Jack54 = Great Content

    Ilhaan IssimdarIlhaan Issimdar21 dag geleden
  • Happy New Year Jack

    Jxyd3n07Jxyd3n0721 dag geleden
  • First

    Izeforlife 10Izeforlife 1021 dag geleden