3 nov. 2020
26 955 Weergaven

Lets find out whether Andy will get his revenge on me for discarding his POTM Calvert-Lewin. We will see!!!
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  • I think the Real Madrid players have had a blinding light shone on them for their new player pictures!!

    Jason WoodJason Wood2 maanden geleden
  • Andy keeps calling Lautaro Martinez Inigo Martinez. Every single video

    Chad mora-pettyChad mora-petty2 maanden geleden
  • Andy called Lautauro Iñigo so often

    Mccandlish 1888Mccandlish 18882 maanden geleden
  • I can't remember the rules, do icon nation's not count?

    Master OogwayMaster Oogway2 maanden geleden
  • Think Jack needs to go back to the old rules of 3 nations as last few vids he hasn't been getting the 5 🙈

    James LongshawJames Longshaw2 maanden geleden
  • Wouldn't it be better to give the formation first before opening packs for the second player ? So they can't just look for a full back or winger to get a better formation from the draw ? On this way you will be able to go through all the formations much easier then when someone can't use a formation cause of the 2nd player he/she got

    Jordy BoogaartJordy Boogaart2 maanden geleden

    Raayan DhallRaayan Dhall2 maanden geleden
  • Jacks was 5 nations even with Dalbert

    Umar 10Umar 102 maanden geleden
  • lol nevermind

    HeliumXHeliumX2 maanden geleden
  • Andy with that Inigo Martínez shout at striker 🤦‍♀️

    Samuel CornishSamuel Cornish2 maanden geleden
  • How can you just comment about Alexi Llalas like he’s a nobody, absolute god tier player

    Samuel CornishSamuel Cornish2 maanden geleden
  • Andy isnot awake i think, puts mukiele for a 3 cb formation and ai got inigo martinez on top.

    lillezlatan kinglillezlatan king2 maanden geleden
  • Wait, didn’t Andy put down Halstenburg as a locked player?

    Titchy GTitchy G2 maanden geleden
  • jack you had 5 nations

    Jim AceeJim Acee2 maanden geleden
  • how do i do the turn and zoom taunt after scoring a goal do i buy it or is it a button

    AX15 _HUNTERAX15 _HUNTER2 maanden geleden
  • Ahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahaahahahahahahahahajajahaaaahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahaahahahaaaaa - This I S Good

    J I N U J O J UJ I N U J O J U2 maanden geleden
  • Jack u have 5 nations brazil-belguim-usa-germany-austria

    abdulmajeed alsaqabiabdulmajeed alsaqabi2 maanden geleden
    • Icons nation dont count

      Thomas GleesonThomas Gleeson2 maanden geleden
  • why does jack team doesnt work he has 5 nations ( Usa, Brazil, Belgium, Germany, Austria)

    Bernardo RamosBernardo Ramos2 maanden geleden
    • Icons doesn't count as a nation

      LuddeLudde2 maanden geleden
  • Jack you could have used Weston Mckennie at left cm and worked around that. Now that would have made it even more saucy

    Qt ChipQt Chip2 maanden geleden
  • Hi Jack, just some feedback on the overlay. Nothing major (in fact, very minor) would it be worthwhile to have the locked player's name at the bottom of the card rather than having the basic chem style icon? As always, enjoying the content!

    Nicholas JovanovskiNicholas Jovanovski2 maanden geleden
  • im watching this while having a poo

    Trav TDSTrav TDS2 maanden geleden
  • Jack, why do you use Clube Atlético Mineiro's shield as your team's?

    BryndenRiversBryndenRivers2 maanden geleden
  • idk but these discards seem so scripted u never get someone good

    Nicholas KeatingNicholas Keating2 maanden geleden
    • He discarded his DCL...

      LS15LS152 maanden geleden
  • Pls change the music

    AmarAmar2 maanden geleden
  • IDIOT games

    vrejouhi vartanianvrejouhi vartanian2 maanden geleden
  • The marks on Jack's wall are so annoying. I keep thinking I have a dirty screen 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Harry NyeHarry Nye2 maanden geleden
  • Amazing video Jack! Keep it up! Love you💛

    Arian AminiArian Amini2 maanden geleden
  • What a series this has become its just getting better

    Salahudin FarooqSalahudin Farooq2 maanden geleden
  • Jacks team is insane its nlw 5 leagues in 7 mins gg

    B BB B2 maanden geleden
    • nlw deserves a +2

      Joel FarleyJoel Farley2 maanden geleden
  • Jack to 700k

    Daniel SysonDaniel Syson2 maanden geleden
  • Can someone help me with the rules regarding the minimum amount of nations? Must there be a minimum of 2 players from a nation for it to count because Jacks cdm was from another nation which made him have 5?

    Azhar LallaAzhar Lalla2 maanden geleden
    • Icon does not count as a nation

      Born KinburanBorn Kinburan2 maanden geleden
    • @crazypearce thanks bro I was confused for a sec but I appreciate the help 😁👍🏻

      Azhar LallaAzhar Lalla2 maanden geleden
    • i thought the same for ages but hes from the usa too. it looks weird because of the bitrate or something

      crazypearcecrazypearce2 maanden geleden
  • 3-4-1-2 ST ST Lukaku. Rashford LM LCM. RCM. RM Hazard. Naingollan. Sabitzer. greenwood CDM Laimer LCB CB. RCB alderwiereld. Laporte. Upamecano GK Lloris perfect chem using perfect links not using the locked players and using special cards insane team 😁😁

    Zain ZainZain Zain2 maanden geleden
    • @Zain Zain there’s only 2 from the serie a which wouldn’t count as a league unless you were doing a 5 league

      RoutinespoonRoutinespoon2 maanden geleden
    • @Routinespoon no serie a prem and bundesliga but more than 4 from 1 league

      Zain ZainZain Zain2 maanden geleden
    • It wouldn’t work in a 7ms though as that not even 3 leagues by the rules

      RoutinespoonRoutinespoon2 maanden geleden
  • Shouldn’t be allowed to just do all cb’s and one right back for locked players that just seems so unfair

    ChrisEChrisE2 maanden geleden
    • But then it means the other person had complete freedom in the attack and midfield so it evens out

      RoutinespoonRoutinespoon2 maanden geleden
  • I think Jack did get 5 nations

    joy joyjoy joy2 maanden geleden
    • @Jack54HD icon nation doesn’t count as a league?

      Roscoe JampiesRoscoe Jampies2 maanden geleden
    • @Jack54HD oh ok I forgot about that rule.🤣

      joy joyjoy joy2 maanden geleden
    • Icon nation doesn’t count as a league

      Jack54HDJack54HD2 maanden geleden
  • Icons nation doesn’t count ! Can already bet there’s gonna be comments saying he has 5 nations

    Daniel LansdownDaniel Lansdown2 maanden geleden
  • Anybody else cant remember the last time javk has successfully made a full squad

    XThatGigglesXXThatGigglesX2 maanden geleden
  • Could of had stones Left CB STERLING LM and naingolan

    Ben JonesBen Jones2 maanden geleden
  • So close to be an interesting hybrid

    JackyJacky2 maanden geleden
  • andy writing mukiele for a 3 man formation LMAO

    Siddharth SacharSiddharth Sachar2 maanden geleden
    • Three at the back?

      RemDogRemDog2 maanden geleden
    • 3 man formation? don’t think that exists mate

      Emilio MendozaEmilio Mendoza2 maanden geleden
  • "Inigo Martinez", nice one Andy.

    Louis CashLouis Cash2 maanden geleden
  • Could've got Weston McKennie at LCM instead of Ballack.

    Louis CashLouis Cash2 maanden geleden
    • @Tyler Everett Icons don't count for nations, so the amount of nations would've stayed the same. This is ontop of changing Dalbert for Asamoah or Perisic

      Louis CashLouis Cash2 maanden geleden
    • Nah cuz then he wouldn’t have had enough nations.

      Tyler EverettTyler Everett2 maanden geleden
  • nice on andy, wrote down mukiele as a locked player for jack haha

    Finley_tonkin17Finley_tonkin172 maanden geleden
    • one

      Finley_tonkin17Finley_tonkin172 maanden geleden
  • Andy needed that ' white flag' after last episode. Great video jack

    mad about trainsmad about trains2 maanden geleden
  • 2 nd

    The Fortnite FeetThe Fortnite Feet2 maanden geleden
  • Jack’s content atm is elite 🤩

    Jack FriendJack Friend2 maanden geleden
  • My guy

    zain szain s2 maanden geleden
  • Firsta

    Kristófer Máni ÖnundarsonKristófer Máni Önundarson2 maanden geleden